Intel Atom Z3770 ‘Bay Trail’ review: Strong competition for ARM

The Atom processors for tablets give ARM a run for its money


Android benchmarks: AnTuTu 3.x

While much can be said about the synthetic AnTuTu benchmark, it's definitely a nice benchmark for Intel. The total score of 48,688 points is a convincing new top score. When you look at the individual subscores, Intel does great in the CPU and RAM tests compared to ARM chips, including the Tegra 4 with four Cortex-A15 cores in the Slatebook x2.

The fact that the new Atom performs relatively poor in both GPU tests has to do with the high resolution of the test tablet (2560x1440). The GPU test in AnTuTu 3.x depends on the resolution. On the next page there is a better 3D benchmark.

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