Review: Corsair Vengeance K95 mechanical gaming keyboard

The successor to the Vengeance K90



We recently reviewed Corsair's K70 mechanical keyboard, the successor to the K60. Today we'll take a closer look at the K70's bigger sibling, the K95. It is replacing the Corsair K99, and is also equipped with mechanical Cherry MX Red backlit keys. It comes with 18 extra gaming keys for macros on the left side, and a wrist support that spans the entire keyboard. 

While the K70 came in two colors, the K95 is only available in black with white illumination. It gives it a very deluxe look, along with the black anodized aluminium chassis. The keys are not recessed, and stand out from the keyboard. The wrist support can be removed, but can also be more permanently fixed with screws.

Corsair Vengeance K95

A difference compared to the earlier K90 is that the function keys no longer are rubber dome switches but mechanical. The gaming keys on the left side will be a welcome addition for gamers that like to have access to an extensive array of macros, handy for RPGs like Diablo III and World of Warcraft. It's also useful for shortcuts in editing software such as Photoshop. This part does not have the brushed aluminium top, and instead plastic. It takes away a little from the deluxe feel of the keyboard.


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