9 computer speakers tested: with or without subwoofer?

PC speakers are becoming more diverse



PC speakers do not adhere to Moore's Law. It's a market that doesn't evolve based on technological developments, but that doesn't mean that there isn't any innovation in the world of speakers. To the contrary. Today we'll take a look at nice speaker sets that are very different that what you would have seen 10 years ago.

The decline in popularity of PC desktops of course didn't do anything good for the dedicated PC speaker market. Once upon a time we were able to have group tests with dozens of 5.1 surround sets, but these days we have search high and low to get enough for a decent round-up. Since laptops can't escape that weak, tinny sound, there's still a need for good speakers. Most current PC speakers are more of the entry-level kind.

Most speakers tend to be fairly simple, with a minimum of wiring. Wireless speakers are gaining in popularity for smartphones and tablets, and it's slowly entering the PC market also. One of the products we're looking at today is a wireless set.

In order to be able to use wireless speakers, a laptop needs to have the A2DP Bluetooth profile. Many notebooks have a Bluetooth implementation that needs to be adjusted somewhat before it will work. It's possible, but the user does need to be aware of this. 

Sound quality is of course the most important aspect of a speaker. And since smartphones, tablets, and PCs have taken the place of the CD player for most people, quality active speakers can be an interesting alternative to the conventional home stereo set.

9 speakersets getest

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