Racing like a pro: five affordable PC racing wheels tested

Five PC steering wheels tested



Playing a racing game on your desktop PC is so much more fun when you use an actual steering wheel. Anyone who's played a racing game with a keyboard or gamepad and then an actual steering wheel with gas and brake pedals, can testify to this. Hardware.Info tested five relatively affordable mid-range racing wheels that are currently available.

PC racing games had their heyday a few years back and consoles tend to get the latest racing titles now, but for the hardcore simulations you still have to boot up that desktop PC. Games such as RFactor 2 and iRacing offer realism on a level that you just won't find in console games such as Forza 4 for Xbox and Gran Turismo for the Playstation. Not everything on the PC has a steep learning curve, however, there are also more arcade racers such as F1 2013, Dirt and so on. 

We typically have more than five products in our group tests, but the number of affordable racing wheels on the market is fairly limited. When you exclude the cheap entry-level models and the very pricy high-end deluxe models, you're not left with a whole lot. On the other hand, for the indecisive consumer it can be helpful, and our test should guide you to the best mid-range, affordable racing wheel for the PC. 

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