GPU benchmarks: Crysis 3 (incl 5760x1080 and frametimes!)

50 GPU configurations tested in Crysis 3



Crysis 3 is another 2013 game we've been using to test graphics cards. Today we are presenting the scores of about 50 different GPUs and SLI/Crossfire combinations for this action game. 

You can read the review of Crysis 3 at, where the came scored 94. Metacritic has an average score of 76.   

Crysis 3 uses the CryEngine 3 engine which has tons of DirectX 11 effects. Especially in higher resolutions with all graphical effects enable, it is a very demanding game that you really need a high-end card for. If you want to play on multiple monitors, you will have to buy more than one card. 

We tested the game in two resolutions: Full HD (1920x1080) and 3x Full HD (5760x1080), with both Medium and High settings. With high settings we also enable 4x FSAA. You can see the exact settings in the screenshots below.

Crysis 3 does not have a built-in benchmark, so we picked a portion of the game in order to get comparable scores. We used a scene in the 'Welcom to the Jungle' mission. Enemy encounters are too unpredictable to be useful here, so almost no action occurs in our benchmark. In the video below you can see the part of the game we used as benchmark. 

We used our standard rig for testing graphics cards. It consists of an Intel Core i7 3960X, 16 GB Corsair DDR3-1600 RAM and an ASUS P9X79 Pro motherboard. We used different drivers for different cards, as they weren't tested at the same time and we always try to use the latest available driver. Most cards were retested fairly recently with relatively up-to-date drivers.

We tested a total of 50 GPU configurations, which includes all current AMD and Nvidia cards along with a number of SLI and Crossfire configurations and a few older cards. 

Medium settings:

Very High 4x AA settings:


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