Competition for the Microsoft Surface Pro: Acer Aspire P3, Lenovo Yoga 11s and Toshiba WT310

Generation Y


Toshiba WT310

Satellite is the name for Toshiba's line of consumer laptops, Satellite Pro is aimed at the small business segment, the Tecra are the professional business products and the Portégé series has the most high-end and thin Toshiba laptops. So it's a bit surprising to see a Toshiba product without one of those names, especially in a category that is likely to see more than one product.

The WT310 is a little different, and can probably be best compared to the Microsoft Surface Pro. It's a true Windows tablet in every sense of the word. It doesn't have a keyboard like the Pro, but unlike Microsoft's device, it doesn't feature a stylus. 

Toshiba WT310-108

The Portégé Z10t, does have that. That model is related to the WT310 and comes with keyboard dock and stylus. It should arrive shortly, and will be priced a bit higher. The keyboard from Portégé will be available as an accessory in the future, along with a separate dock that will feature a permanent network port, USB and HDMI. That network port is an important advantage over the other two tablets in this review, where you have to put an adapter in one of the USB ports. 

Toshiba WT310-108

Like Acer and Lenovo, Toshiba also went with an 11.6-inch screen. In this case it's a Full HD IPS panel, which of course gives Toshiba the edge in that department. What's also nice is the fact that the connectors are grouped on one side, along with the buttons. You get USB 3.0, an audio port, and a full-size SD memory card reader. The Toshiba WT310 weighs 800 grams, which is relatively light for a tablet with these features. The WT310 comes with Windows 8 Pro pre-installed. 

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