ASUS G750JX: powerful gaming notebook

Gaming on the go with a GeForce GTX 770M and Intel Core i7-4700HQ



Republic of Gamers is the gaming brand from ASUS, and in the product line-up you'll find motherboards, graphics cards, gaming accessories and even laptops. Today we're taking a closer look at the Haswell-based ROG G750JX-4144H, a laptop with a quad-core Intel Core i7 processor and a GeForce GTX 770M graphics card.

With a configuration like that you can expect very decent gaming performance. The design of the laptop couldn't be further removed from sleek and thin notebooks such as the Zenbook Ultrabook. The matte black exterior and sharp lines almost resemble a Lamborghini. It's a familiar design from ASUS, with the main difference being the glossy finish of the area around the keyboard. The 17.3-inch TN display has Full HD resolution. TN remains the panel of choice for gaming notebooks, due to the unparallelled response times.

ASUS G750JX-T4144H

Gaming laptops aren't always the most stylish, but the design around the keyboard looks very good. The keyboard has a nice feel to it, and the touchpad is large. That touchpad can be disabled with one press of a button when you want to use a mouse instead. Below the touchpad are two physical buttons, which are welcome. The keyboard also features white backlighting.

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Asus G750JX-T4144H

Laptop, Qwerty, Intel Core i7 4700HQ, 8 GB, 17.3 inch, 1920x1080, Nvidia GeForce GTX 770M, 1006 GB, Windows

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