Alcatel One Touch Idol Ultra review: sleek and stylish

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Alcatel One Touch has introduced a new line of products this year, also for the entry-level and mid-range segments this time. Last year's most expensive phones, the 995 and 997, cost less than 200 euros, but the Idol Ultra we're reviewing today costs around 300 euros. There's a reason for this. Alcatel One Touch had to make some compromises in order to be able to sell it at that price.

Alcatel One Touch Idol Ultra

When we first unpacked the Idol Ultra, we were struck by how good it looks with its unibody design. It's a great-looking phone not only in Alcatel terms, but also compared to the competition. It sits well in your hand, due to the light weight of 125 grams and the plastic that's used. 

It's also a very thin phone, measuring 6.45 mm. Only the camera module adds a few more millimetres.

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Alcatel One Touch Idol Ultra

Android 4, 16 GB, 4.7 inch, 1280x720, 8 MPixel

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