Nanoxia Deep Silence 2 review: the price of silence

It's pretty silent, but at the cost of almost all cooling


Test results cooling 200 watts

We perform a total of four measurements. The first set of measurements is with a heat production of 200 watts, the second set with 400 watts of heat. Both sets are done once with fans running on low speed and once running at high speed. This is done by setting the voltage of the fans at 7 V (low speed) and 12 V (high speed). When a chassis registers temperatures above 30 degrees during the first set of 200 watt measurements, we typically don't run the 400 watt tests. If temperatures exceed 40 degrees, we usually halt the test altogether. This is why not every chassis is present in every chart.

200 W 7 V

With fans on low, the Nanoxia Deep Silence 2 is far to the bottom of the chart. Not a strong start.

200 W 12 V

With fans on high, the results is the same. A huge difference with the Deep Silence 1, where you can even improve cooling performance by opening up the top.


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