S2510U2W review: WiFi disk

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Some time ago we reviewed the Patriot Gauntlet Node, an external hard disk that you can access wirelessly. It had a built-in battery so you could use it on the go. The S2510U2W were are looking at today works a little differently. It's also a wireless hard disk, but it does not contain a battery. Instead it has an ethernet port, which makes it a type of mini portable NAS device. S2510U2WUKEU

Like we're used to from, the product comes in a very complete package. Along with an easy to understand English manual, you get a USB cable and two adapters. One for the UK, and one for mainland Europe. It's also why the drive is called the S2510U2WUKEU. S2510U2WUKEU

While it falls into the same category as the Patriot, it's a very different product. That obvious when you look at the connectors, which consist of a USB port but also a permanent ethernet port. It makes it a sort of mini NAS with WiFi. It's too bad the USB port is 2.0, so regardless of how fast the disk you use is, the transfer rate will be limited to 30 MB/s.

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