Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 review incl. 3-way SLI and frametimes

Updated GTX 680 with fastest video memory yet



ASUS sent us the GTX770-DC2OC-2GD5, equipped with a cooler from the DirectCU II series. The card is overclocked and based on the DirectCU II version of the GeForce GTX 680.

The GPU clock frequency has been increased to 1059 MHz, with a Boost clock of 1111 MHz. The memory speed is the same at 1,753 MHz. The cooler has two fans and is equipped with three 8 mm heatpipes. The back of the card has a metal plate to improve its looks when it's upside down in a chassis. The connectors are the same as Nvidia's reference card: two Dual-link DVI ports, one HDMI and one DisplayPort.

The cooler is effective as you'll see in the test results, we measured 54 degrees after two runs of Metro 2033. It's not extremely silent, however, something that's also true for the other 770s. We recorded 47.9 dB(A) at a 10 cm distance, slightly more than Nvidia's reference card.

ASUS expects its card to cost around € 449.

ASUS GeForce GTX 770 DirectCu II 2GB

ASUS GeForce GTX 770 DirectCu II 2GB

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