Gelid Black Edition CPU cooler review

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Below are all the specifications of the Gelid Black Edition.

Product nameBlack Edition
Product codeCC-BEDITION-01-A
DetailsProduct info
Water cooler
Socket 775
Socket 1150/1151/1155/1156
Socket 1366
Socket 2011/2066
Socket FM1/FM2/FM2+
Socket AM2/AM3/AM3+
Socket AM4
Weight973 gram
Height15.4 cm
Width12.7 cm
Depth10.9 cm
Bundled thermal greaseYes
Fan used120 mm
Secondary fan included120 mm
Position for optional fan
Fan controller
Extra resistor for silent operation
Minimum RPM750 rpm
Maximum RPM1600 rpm
Luchtverplaatsing min.52.4 cfm
Luchtverplaatsing max.58 cfm
Fan connector4 pins
Ball / SleeveHydro Dynamic Bearing
Heat sink
Amount of heatpipes7
MaterialCopper / Aluminum

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Gelid Black Edition

Socket 1150/1151/1155/1156, Socket 2011/2066, Socket AM4, 973 gram, 120 mm

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