ASUS GTX650-E-2GD5 review: GeForce GTX 650 Ti without PEG connector

Great graphical upgrade for older (OEM) systems



If you have an older PC from for example Dell or HP, you can run into a problem if you want to upgrade the graphics card. Many of those systems only have an integrated graphics card, and don't have any PEG power connectors for powering a dedicated graphics card. Sometimes you can use a Molex-to-PEG converter, but that doesn't always provide a working solution. ASUS does have the perfect solution if you find yourself in this position, with the GeForce GTX 650. This graphics card does not require an extra power connector. We put the card through its paces to find out what you can expect. 

Most of our readers aren't likely to ever run into this problem, as self-assembled and powerful PCs obviously have PEG connectors. However, we all have a relative or friend that's a bit behind the times. So when they ask you about upgrading their aging PC, you can impress them by telling them about this graphics card.

ASUS created a version of the GeForce GTX 650 that, unlike the other cards with the same GPU, doesn't require an extra power connector. ASUS claims the ASUS GTX650-E-2GD5 is the fastest graphics card available that's powered only via the PCI-Express bus.

When the GTX 650 was first introduced, our tests proved that it's fast enough for gaming in Full HD, as long as you keep the quality settings low. Integrated CPUs won't give you that level of performance. In our test of GPGPU applications, the GTX650 was fast enough for many of them, which makes this card extra interesting, especially for non-gaming applications. Plenty of reason to test this card, in other words.


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Asus GTX650-E-2GD5

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