Antec GX700 review: ready for battle

Outstanding cooling, low price and a military theme



If you've followed the market for computer chassis the past few years, you will perhaps have noticed that one of the big players remained pretty quiet in 2012. Antec, always a respected brand for its chassis and power supplies, appeared to take a breather last year. Very few new products were released, and the existing ones were gaining in age. Despite the shrinking market for computer chassis, Antec doesn't need to worry because the new affordable GX700 chassis has everything going for it to become a hit.

We really liked the older Antec Three Hundred Two, an affordable chassis with outstanding cooling. Today that one could potentially be mothballed, because Antec is positioning the GX700 the same in terms of price. They're both available for around £55 or €68, but the GX700 has a lot more to offer without sacrificing too much.

Antec GX700

The design and look of the GX700 is an acquired taste. It has military-inspired touches here and there, reminiscent of the Corsair Vengeance C70. The similarities pretty much end there, however. The C70 is more expensive and has a side-window. The other differences we'll address a bit later.

While the military theme of the GX700 isn't the most original, there actually wasn't that much choice in that area, so now you have two chassis instead of one to choose from, should the army look appeal to you. The GX700 only comes in dark army green, while the C70 is available in that theme but also white or black.


We compared the Antec GX700 with ten other chassis. Nine of them are similarly priced, while the tenth is more expensive. We included the C70, since we can imagine you can't decide between the two and the price difference is significant enough. In the chart below we listed all of them with their volume, calculated by their external measurements. The GX700 is one of the smaller chassis, with a volume below 50 dm³ and a weight of 6.6 kg. Antec claims it weighs 6.2 kg, but our scale thought otherwise. The C70 is significantly larger with a volume of 62 dm³ and a weight of 8.5 kg.

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