Antec GX700 review: ready for battle

Outstanding cooling, low price and a military theme



Antec is back, that much is clear after testing the GX700. It's an impressive chassis that cools really well and doesn't produce very much noise. It's also very affordable, which of course means the it doesn't have the same fancy finish as high-end chassis. There's no rubber around the openings for hiding away cables for example, you can't fit XL or E-ATX motherboards or and graphics cards are limited to 29 cm long. But with prices around £55 or €68, these are very minor trade-offs. 

The GX700 has more than enough cooling capacity for even a heavily-overclocked six-core processor, and doesn't even create a lot of noise while doing it. And unlike other chassis in this segment, it has two USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports in the front, and even a fan controller which is even more rare in this class. The chassis comes with three fans, two of which are 140 mm, and that's more than you often get with expensive chassis. The quality of these fans is also better than what you usually get in affordable chassis with lots of fans.

Most of the time you only see 140 mm fans in high-end chassis, and we'll say it again, larger fans definitely are worth it. They displace a lot more air, which means less noise for the same amount of cooling. Antec now brings that luxury to a chassis that's positioned as a lower mid-range product.

That in itself is enough to qualify the GX700 for the "best value for your money" Bronze Award, but the excellent cooling, connectors and internal build quality more than earns it the Silver Award. We even considered the Gold Award, but the few negative details we mentioned keep it at Silver, albeit with a gold lining.

Antec GX700

Antec GX700

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Antec GX700

Tower, ATX, Zwart/Groen, 3 fans

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