Zalman ZM500-GS / ZM500-GT PSU review

Compared to 20 other 500-550 watt power supplies



Zalman sent us two of their 500W power supplies, the ZM500-GS and the ZM500-GT. We tested and compared them to 20 other 500 watt and 550 watt PSUs.

There are a lot 500W power supplies on offer in the Zalman catalog. With seven different models (ZM500-LX, -LE, -GT, -GS, -HP, -ST and -RS) you'd almost expect that only Zalman's own product manager knows exactly how each how is positioned in the market. Judging from their prices, it would appear that the -GS and -GT models are entry-level products. The ZM500-GS is the cheapest 500W Zalman PSU with an average price of £37 or €40, and the -GT isn't much more expensive at £49 or €59. They're budget power supplies, but from a brand that sees itself as making quality products.

Zalman ZM500-GS 500W

Zalman ZM500-GT 500W

When we looked through the PSUs from last year's large 500-700W group PSU test, the ZM500-GS came out as the cheapest 500W power supply that we've tested during the last 12 months. It's cheaper than the Cooler Master GX Lite 500W, cheaper than the Conceptronic Desktop Power Supply 500W and cheaper than the Thermaltake Smart 530W. Those were power supplies that, mildly put, had some room for improvement. We are therefore very curious to find out whether Zalman has anything better to offer in this segment.


two products discussed in this review

  Product Lowest price

Zalman ZM500-GS 500W

500 W, 84 %, 34 A

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Zalman ZM500-GT 500W

500 W, 87 %, 80 Plus, 36 A

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