Dell Latitude E6430s vs Latitude E6430u: classic vs Ultrabook

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If you're looking for a business laptop that's not too big or heavy, Dell has two options in its Latitude line. The 6430u is an Ultrabook and the E6430s is a traditional notebook. Today we will take a closer look at both.

They look very different. The Latitude E6430s is bigger and heavier than the 6430u, and looks like a typical, compact business laptop. It has state-of-the-art hardware though, including an Ivy Bridge processor. 

Dell Latitude E6430s
The Latitude E6430s has a more traditional design.

The E6430u looks a little bit like the E6430s, but the stylistic differences are clear even though they're related. The color scheme is different. The Dell Latitude E6430u is thin but feels solid. Both have a rubber-like finish, the 6430s has it around the keyboard only, but the Ultrabook version has it all over the place. 

Dell Latitude 6430u
The Latitude 6430u is a sleek, professional Ultrabook

You expect the Latitude E6430s to have more connectors, and it does have a docking port which the E6430u does not have. The E6430u does have a WiGi adapter, which lets you establish high-speed wireless connections with peripheral devices. Dell does not yet have the dock for it, however.


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Dell Latitude 6430u

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Laptop, Intel Core i5 3320M, 4 GB, 14.1 inch, 1366x768, Intel HD Graphics 4000, 320 GB, Windows Pro

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