Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan 3-way/4-way SLI review incl. 5760x1080 and frametimes

How do two, three and four GTX Titans perform?


Crysis 3 - 5760x1080 (+ frametimes)

Nvidia was clear during its Titan presentation, that in order to play Crysis 3 on three monitors with maximum settings you need three Titans, nothing else was going to do the job.

And they were right. With a single Titan in 5760x1080 with Very High settings and 4x AA we got only 17 fps and frametime score of 80.5 ms. Two Titans was not enough for a smooth experience either. With three Titans we achieved 42.1 fps and a frametime score of 50.4 ms. Better, but still not great. It turns out that adding a fourth Titan card did prove beneficial for this game, and the performance was increased to 53 fps with a frametime score of 32.2 ms.

5760x1080 on Medium Settings was playable with one Titan. SLI and 3-way SLI improved performance, but four cards and medium settings had a negative impact on both frame rates and frametime scores.

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