Kingston SSDNow V300 120GB review: best budget SSD currently around

Kingston joins the affordable SSD crowd



If you were looking for an affordable 120 or 128 GB SSD, Crucial and Samsing had good options with the v4 and the 840 (not Pro). Both of those did have limitations, the v4 is pretty slow compared to today's standards and the 840 is slow at writing data. It also uses TLC memory which still needs to prove itself.

With the SSDNow V300, Kingston has now released an SSD that is budget is terms of price but not in terms of performance. It's as fast as other SandForce SF-2281-based SSDs. While that is no longer good enough to be the fastest high-end SSD, it's clearly better than the other budget SSDs. 

It makes for an easy conclusion, in the budget segment the Kingston V300 120GB is the best option, and a great way to speed up your PC without having to spend a lot.

The Kingston SSDNow V300 gives you excellent value for your money, and therefore earns the Bronze Award.

Kingston V300 120GB

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