52 128 GB & 256 GB SSDs tested and compared

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Best choice 120/128 GB

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23 out of the 52 tested SSDs have a capacity of 120GB or 128 GB. The fastest SSDs that we've tested in this segment are the Samsung 840 Pro and Plextor M5 Pro, but they are also more expensive than average. Based on the price the Samsung 840 Pro 128GB is our current for 128GB SSD zoekt.

However, you're likely looking at 128 GB SSDs because you can't afford a 256 GB one. Looking at the price per gigabyte, the Crucial v4 128 GB is the cheapest, but it's too slow to recommend. A better option is the brand new Kingston V300, a budget SSD with SandForce controller. It doesn't break records, but performs well enough if you can't spend that much money.  The takeMS UTX-2200 120GB is also a good option, it's slightly more expensive, but also slightly faster than the Kingston one.

The OCZ Vertex 4 128GB is cheapest SSD in this segment with five years of warranty. While it's a good choice, we'd spend a little more and instead get the Samsung 840 Pro 128GB.


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