Logitech UE Boombox review: better than the Mobile Boombox

Boombox fills the room with sound, but for a price



A couple months back we reviewed the Mobile Boombox from Logitech UE, the recently created audio brand from the famous peripheral manufacturer. The performance of that mobile speaker was not that great in light of the sticker price. Today we are taking a closer look at its larger sibling, which is just called the Boombox. This is also a portable Bluetooth speaker, but on a whole other level.

At last year's IFA conference we already had the opportunity to listen to this Boombox. We were impressed at the time because it managed to make itself clearly audible despite the very noisy surroundings. And for a device that runs on a battery that's not bad.

Of course we look at much more than just how loud speakers can get, so we were eager to find out how it would fare in our audio tests. It's not a cheap product with a pricetag of £170. Allegedly Logitech created the UE brand to be able to exercise more control over the pricing of its products. Fewer retailers are allowed to sell these products, and only those that agree to adhere to Logitech's pricing scheme are allowed to stock it. It's what Apple and Bose do.

Logitech UE Boombox

So the question is whether the UE Boombox gives you enough value for your money. There isn't a whole lot of competition in this segment, there just aren't many Bluetooth speakers as big as the Boombox. There is the Jawbone Big Jambox, but it's slightly smaller. Most other are much smaller and aren't as loud, and especially don't produce as much bass due to their smaller size.

Those smaller models aren't cheap either, products such as the Jabra Solemate and the normal Jambox. That standard Jambox already costs £259. The Supertooth Disco has a similar and is cheaper, but it has an older type of battery. The conclusion here is that, while it's expensive, it's fairly typical for this type of product, so not outrageous.

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