ASUS Ares II Crossfire X review: the most extreme graphics card times two

Two overclocked Radeon HD 7970s on a single card


Vincent, are we happy?

Like the Ares, the Ares II comes in a big suitcase with combination lock. It kind of reminded us of a brilliant scene from an even more brilliant film. Inside you'll find the Ares II graphics card, the water cooling system, an extra fan, and an aluminium card with the limited edition number (between 1 and 1,000). Below you can see how big the suitcase really is. When we put another one of the largest GPU boxes next to it, it pales in comparison. ASUS got that part right at least. When you spend that much money on an exclusive product, it should also look the part. And it surely does.





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Asus ARES2-6GD5

AMD Radeon HD 7990, 1050 MHz, 6144 MB

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