12 Mini-ITX chassis review: compact quality

A fully-fledged PC in a small chassis is perfectly possible.


Test results noise levels

Lian Li's two chassis are the quietest with fans on high speed. That's impressive for the Q15, which had fifth place for cooling. The SG07 does make some noise at high speed, and the Elite 120 from Cooler Master isn't much quieter. The FT03, in second place for cooling, does better, along with the Prodigy.

7 V

With fans on low, Chenbro's NAS/ home server SR30169 takes first place, which makes it a great option for a silent home server. Cooler Master combines silence with effective cooling. The SG07B is far down the chart, but 38.4 dB(A) isn't very loud and it cools relatively well at this speed.

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