The Hardware.Info 2013 PC Buyer's Guide

What you can expect from our PC Buyer's Guides in 2013



A new year, and new buyer's advice from Hardware.Info. The Hardware.Info PC Buyer's Guide has been around since 1998, and is widely popular among our readers. Based on our tests and reviews we assemble a PC system with the best components currently available. Each system we create has different components based on its intended use. In recent months we received requests for new types of systems, and we're now happy to be able to include those. In January we will publish every single one, after that we will start to alternate between the different categories.

Change in publication frequency

The main change for the 2013 PC Buyer's Guide is that we will no longer update each category every month. The number of different types of guides we now put together has grown to the point where not no longer makes sense to do it that way.

Another reason is that significant developments in the world of hardware occur at a slower pace than a few years back, so it's not even possible to select a new component each month. In a way the lifespan of our recommended systems has become longer. Last year we still published an update each month even if the components remained the same, and this was not appreciated by all of our readers since the content was a repeat of the previous month. Other did like getting a fresh batch each month, even if the ingredients stayed the same.

In an attempt to please both camps, we will change how often we publish certain categories. Some will still be published each month, others less frequent. This will open up some space for us, which we will use for special edition PC Buyer's Guides. These will be more specific, even with specific video games in mind for example. Older Buyer's Guides will appear for longer periods on the front page as well, and there's always the archive and the filter you can use to find any previously published guide.

You can use this filter to retrieve the latest PC Buyer's Guides, without having to load a whole new page.

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