Three entry-level Samsung Galaxy smartphones reviewed: Mini 2, Pocket and Y

Affordable smartphones


Test results: GPU performance

Nenamark and GLBenchmark are programs that test the graphical side of a smartphone or tablet. Each devices runs the benchmarks in their native resolution. This puts the phones with a higher resolutions at a disadvantage, but does provide a good indication of real-life performance, since actual applications also run in their native resolution.

GLBenchmark only ran on the Samsung Galaxy Mini 2. The SoC in the Galaxy Pocket and Galaxy Y did not feel it wanted to cooperate. That's why we only show the scores of the two versions of Nenamark. In version 1 thee Adreno 200-GPU in the Galaxy Mini 2 is powerful enough for the native resolution, while the Galaxy Pocket and Galaxy Y already struggle here. None of the 3 phones succeeded with the second, more demanding, version.

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