Three entry-level Samsung Galaxy smartphones reviewed: Mini 2, Pocket and Y

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Samsung Galaxy Y

The Galaxy Y might as well be described on the same page as the Galaxy Pocket, because they're basically the same. The Galaxy Y also has a TN display, but it's slightly larger at 3 inches. The 320x240 resolutions is the same, the SoC is the same, the amount of RAM is the same. The storage capacity is far lower, however, as the Galaxy Y only has 180 MB. Adding a microSD card for a maximum of 32 GB isn't a bad idea, and to access it you have to remove the back panel as well. The buttons are in the same location, and the Micro USB port is also on the top behind a cover. The 2 MP camera is in the same location.

Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 Grey

The Galaxy Y is older than the Galaxy Pocket and we can't find a good reason why you would choose the Y over the Pocket. Ok, the screen is slightly smaller, but for the rest the Pocket is the best choice, even if it's just the 3.2 GB storage. The Y does come in more colours than the pocket, as it's available in pink, white, black, and grey. The Pocket comes only in black and grey.

Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 Grey

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