Three entry-level Samsung Galaxy smartphones reviewed: Mini 2, Pocket and Y

Affordable smartphones


Samsung Galaxy Pocket

The second phone we're taking a closer look at here is one of the real affordable ones, the Galaxy Pocket. About the only thing it has in common with the Mini 2 is that it also has a TN panel. It has a lower resolution at 320x240 pixels, and while the 2.8-inch display is smaller, you can tell it has fewer PPI.

Samsung Galaxy Pocket Black

We have not seen the SoC before that Samsung used for the Pocket (and for the Galaxy Y on the next page). It's the Broadcom BCM21553, a single-core ARM11 SoC that runs at 832 MHz and has a BCM2763 VideoCore IV GPU. It has 256 MB of RAM, and an available storage capacity of 3.2 GB. That's not bad for a phone in this segment, and you can add upp to 32 GB with a microSD card. You do have to remove the back cover in order to do that.

Samsung Galaxy Pocket Black

The buttons on the Pocket are located in the same locations as on the Mini 2, except for the Micro USB port that's on top side here, behind a cover. It has a 2 MP camera, also without flash. The camera on the Mini 2 is slightly better, but also won't win any awards. 

Samsung Galaxy Pocket Black

You do feel the price differential between the Mini 2 and the Pocket when you hold them in your hand and use them for a while. While the Pocket does feel solid, it is quite small and slightly slower at times.

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