Three entry-level Samsung Galaxy smartphones reviewed: Mini 2, Pocket and Y

Affordable smartphones


Test results: Battery life

We have two ways of measuring the battery life of mobile phones. We set the screen brightness to 100 cd/m², which is medium brightness suitable for indoor use. With the Sunspider test we put a maximum load on the CPU in order to see what the worst case scenario performance is of the battery. The second test is lighter, here we play back an MP4 video file. The most recent ARM processors with the NEON instruction set are able to apply hardware-based acceleration, and the Tegra 3 can even use its energy-efficient companion core for this task.

The Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 is more powerful than the Galaxy Pocket and Y, and it also lasts the longest in both battery tests. Apparently a more basic SoC doesn't use less power, and  in the lighter test the Pocket and the Y actually perform worse than the Mini 2. 

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