HP Envy 23 TouchSmart Review

All-in-one with touchscreen from the originators



The all-in-one with touchscreen. HP was actually the first manufacturer to introduce this concept to consumers about five years back with its TouchSmart computers. By now touchscreens are no longer an exotic feature, they're common, large and work quite well. Windows is finally designed with touch operation in mind. Can HP distinguish itself with its years of experience, will it be able to make the HP Envy 23 TouchSmart stand out from the crowd?

HP Envy 23-D020ed TouchSmart

The HP Envy 23 has a sleek design, and the 23-inch IPS Full HD almost looks like it's floating. The aluminium frame that carries the monitor is actually not connected to the metal base. That base seems a bit large a first, but that's because it also provides the counterweight in order to create a stable whole. It makes it possible to tilt the screen to the front and back quite a bit, which is great for when you're using touchscreen software. And when you're using keyboard and mouse, you can put it upright again for the best viewing angle.

HP Envy 23-D020ed TouchSmart

As you expect to get with a £989 computer like this, the screen has 10 touchpoints. That is the number Microsoft recommends for the best Windows 8 experience. On the right side HP place a DVD burner, and on the left the connectors which consists of two USB 3.0 ports, a memory card reader and two audio jacks. The back also has four USB 2.0 ports, another two audio connectors, and an ethernet port. The external power adapter is fairly large. 

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HP Envy 23-D020ed TouchSmart

All-in-One, Intel Core i5 3330S, 4 GB, AMD Radeon HD 7450, 1000 GB, 23 inch, Microsoft Windows 8

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