HP Envy 23 TouchSmart Review

All-in-one with touchscreen from the originators



For a computer monitor, it's important that the brightness is spread evenly in the greyscale from black to white, and that the primary colours are where they should be in terms of colour fidelity.

In the grey radient the three primary colours are close to where they should be, green deviates the least. Blue and red deviate a little too much. The total gamma of 2.36 is too dark especially for complete white, since it peaks.

The colours are pretty close to the sRGB range, with minor deviations. The relative brightness is reasonable, with a few peaks of blue. The DeltaE 84 results are therefore also very decent, with most colours scoring well, at around or below 3. Only cyan, blue and white are around 5, the upper limit.

The colour temperature of 7427 Kelvin is far from the ideal 6500, which makes it bluer than it should be. The brightness isn't very high at 250 cd/m², but the low brightness of black creates a very good 1042:1 contrast.

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HP Envy 23-D020ed TouchSmart

All-in-One, Intel Core i5 3330S, 4 GB, AMD Radeon HD 7450, 1000 GB, 23 inch, Microsoft Windows 8

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