HP Envy 23 TouchSmart Review

All-in-one with touchscreen from the originators



The back of the HP Envy 23 TouchSmart has a large cover that's easy to remove and hides a VESA mount. There's also a screw inside, which when you remove it along with two screws on the bottom opens up the innards of the computer. Here you can replace the 3.5-inch hard disk without too much hassle, or add a RAM module to the vacant memory slot.

HP Envy 23-D020ed TouchSmart
Two USB 3.0 ports on the side.

The 4 GB of RAM you get in this model isn't a lot, but it's easy to upgrade. The motherboard has an Intel H61 chipset, a bit older by now, but enough for an Intel Core i5 3330S. It's a quad-core processor running at 2.7 GHz with 6 MB of cache and a slightly lower TDP of 65 watts. The performance of this quad-core CPU is pretty good.

HP Envy 23-D020ed TouchSmart
Four USB 2.0 ports, a memory card reader and audio connectors.

The 3330S comes has Intel HD Graphics 2500. Our test model also came with an AMD Radeon HD7450 graphics card, but the consumer version HP ENVY 23-d065ea does not have that card. It turns out that it's barely faster than Intel's integrated graphics, so end-users aren't missing out on anything. The hard disk is a 1 TB Western Digital Blue, 7200rpm disk. It's nice that it's not one of those slower 5400rmp disks that Apple and Samsung tend to use.

The computer Realtek gigabit chip and a Realtek WiFi adapter, single-band with a 150 Mbit/s transfer rate. Not very fast, in other words. There is no Bluetooth. HP did include a 1 megapixel webcam. You also get an optical mouse and keyboard, that you connect via one of the USB ports. The quality of the mouse seems a bit better than that of the keyboard, we would personally probably replace the latter.

HP loves mentioning that its products has built-in 'Beats Audio', but that by no means is a guarantee that the sound will be good. In the case of the HP Envy 23 the sound is indeed very decent, and even the lower tones aren't distorted.

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HP Envy 23-D020ed TouchSmart

All-in-One, Intel Core i5 3330S, 4 GB, AMD Radeon HD 7450, 1000 GB, 23 inch, Microsoft Windows 8

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