EVGA SuperNova NEX 1500W Classified review: a beast of a PSU

For when you have two Xeons and four graphic cards to feed



During Computex in June of last year we saw it for the first time, and now it's finally available: the EVGA SuperNova NEX1500 Classified power supply. And as if a 1500-watt PSU isn't remarkable enough on its own, EVGA also added quite a few extra features. Hardware.Info tested it to find out what it has to offer.

EVGA SuperNova Classified 1500W

With this SuperNova power supply, EVGA is setting its sights on a very specific target audience. When we enquired as to what this niche would look like, we were told that it's those people that own an EVGA SR-2 or SR-X motherboard with two Intel Xeon processors and three or four EVGA high-end graphics cards.

Weighing in at 2.7 kg, the SuperNova is one of the heaviest power supplies that we've ever tested. The grip that's attached to the PSU is actually useful, therefore. Once you'v installed it, it also helps when lifting a very heavy PC rig. Officially the maximum capacity is 1500W, but thanks to the OC mode it's supposed to be able to supply up to 1600W stable. The PSU has six 12V rails that each can supply 20A. It can also run in single-rail mode. In both cases the maximum load for the common 12V rails is 124A, or 1488 watts. It has 80 Plus Gold certification and should be at least 90 percent efficient at a 50 percent load.

EVGA SuperNova Classified 1500W

The power supply is entirely modular and the cables were done very thoroughly. Each individual wire is individually sleeved, giving them a unique appearance. The power cord you plug into the wall socket is also very fat and heavy. While we don't believe it will improve the stability, it looks very solid.

EVGA SuperNova Classified 1500W

EVGA SuperNova Classified 1500W

You get plenty of connectors. With 8x molex, 12x SATA and 19x (!!) PCI-Express (16x 8+6 pin and 3x 6-pin) you should be able to connect what you need. No, we also have no clue what you would do with 19 PCI-Express connectors, perhaps there's someone you could impress.

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EVGA SuperNova Classified 1500W

1500 W, 90 %, 80 Plus Gold, Modular, 124 A

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