Lenovo Yoga 13 review: limber laptop

Ultrabook and tablet hybrid from Lenovo



2013 could very well become the year of the hybrids. The boundaries between tablets and laptops are growing increasingly blurry. Both devices have their own distinct advantages, but there seems to be an innate human tendency to want to combine things. So the laptop that also turns into a tablet, or the tablet that also turns into a laptop by means of a keyboard dock, only seem to be an inevitable next step. The natural evolution of mobile computers in a way. Today we are reviewing a laptop that can also serve as a tablet, the very flexible Lenovo Yoga 13.

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 (MAM2GMH)

It's seems like it would be the ideal concept, a tablet that you can also use like a laptop. As a tablet it's nice and light, and when you want to do some real typing you just click it into the keyboard. But because you're forced to always haul around that keyboard dock, it's not the perfect solution for everyone.

Then perhaps the reverse design is more practical, a laptop that also works like a tablet. And that's exactly what the Yoga offers, even if it is a little heavy to hold for a long time at 1.5 kg. 

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Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 (MAM2GMH)

Hybrid, Intel Core i5 3317U, 4 GB, 13.3 inch, 1600x900, Touchscreen, Intel HD Graphics 4000, 128 GB, Windows

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