Canon PIXMA MG8250 review: high-end all-in-one

Ultimate consumer printer and scanner



Canon has quite a few different printers and all-in-ones. The MG8250, which we are reviewing today, is positioned at the top end of the PIXMA all-in-one product line.

With an average price of around £250, the Canon MG8250 certainly not a cheap all-in-one. It even seems a bit excessive at first, because it is one of the most expensive consumer all-in-ones but lacks things like an ADF or fax. It doesn't seem to be aimed at the business segment.  

Canon Pixma MG8250

The MG8250 is intended for people that work a lot with photos and even scanning films. In addition to the typical cyan, magenta, yellow and black cartridges, the MG8250 has two extra black ones. This should make photo prints even better than if you just had the standard four. The scanner is also different than what we've seen on other current consumer all-in-ones, but more about that later.

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Canon Pixma MG8250

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