LaCie 5big NAS Pro Preview: User-friendly hybrid cloud

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LaCie, nowadays part of the hard disk giant Seagate, is a company that likes to take a different approach. Their creative and innovative thinking frequently materialise in original products. You see it right-away just by looking at it. The 5big NAS Pro in the familiar 5-bay NAS body from LaCie looks completely different than any other NAS from for example Synology or QNAP.

LaCie 5big NAS Pro 5-bay diskless (prototype)

It's not just the looks, however. They approach the concept of a NAS a bit different than the other two brands we just mentioned. Of course you can store files on it, and you can download files with Bittorrent. But this is not a NAS with so many features and apps that you lose track of them, it's a NAS device for those that want an intuitive and straight-forward way of sharing files inside and outside of their network.

To achieve this a service called Wuala takes center stage, which is similar to SkyDrive or Dropbox. The new 5big NAS Pro is intended to combine the user-friendly nature of Wuala with LaCie's trademark NAS devices, in effect creating an easy-to-manage cloud. The True Hybrid Cloud, LaCie likes to call this, and we will take a closer look at this a bit later on.

The LaCie 5big NAS Pro has the same chassis that we've seen before from LaCie. While the design from Neil Poulton perhaps isn't the newest anymore, it's as striking as ever. Particularly when you look at it from the front, with the large blue eye, it has a sleek, futuristic look that right-away reveals its pedigree. The casing is constructed out of aluminium and has a solid feel to it.

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LaCie 5big NAS Pro 5-bay diskless (prototype)

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