Small Form Factor (SFX) PSU review: power supplies for small PCs

Four SFX PSUs for Mini-ITX systems



The chart below has the exact specifications of each of the four PSUs side-by-side. CLick here to open the table in a new window.

Product nameFSP300-60GHS 300WSS-300SFD 300WSFX ST45SF 450WSFX ST45SF-G 450W
Product codeFSP300-60GHSSS-300SFDSST-ST45SFSST-ST45SF-G
DetailsProduct infoProduct infoProduct infoProduct info
Continuous power300 W300 W450 W450 W
Specified efficiency82 %81 %85 %90 %
Certification80 Plus80 Plus80 Plus Bronze80 Plus Gold
Factory warranty3 year(s)3 year(s)
Specified power
Max. current 12 V - Rail 114 A8 A36 A37 A
Max. current 12 V - Rail 216 A14.5 A
Max current 12 V - Total22.5 A36 A37 A
Max. current 5 V22 A20 A22 A14 A
Max. curren 3.3 V20 A20 A21 A19 A
Standard peripheral1422
Serial ATX7233
6 pin PEG11
8 pin PEG00
6/8 pin PEG11
Total PEG22
Mainboard connector20 / 24 pins24 pins20 / 24 pins20 / 24 pins
4 pin CPU
8 pin CPU
Size fan 18 cm8 cm8 cm8 cm
Lighted fans
Fan speed controlled by temperature
Manual rpm adjustment
Connector for rpm control
Fully passive
Mesh around mainboard cable
Mesh around other cables
Power switch
Adjustable voltage outputs
Weight0.8 kg1.10 kg0.997 kg0.834 kg
Depth10 cm10 cm10 cm10 cm
Extras / AccessoiresSFX to ATX bracket
Retail / OEMOEMOEMRetailRetail
Length of mainboard cable20 cm31 cm30 cm30 cm
Length of PEG cable(s)55 cm54 cm
Maximum molex cable length14 cm47 cm50 cm51 cm
SATA cable length31 cm42.5 cm62 cm60.5 cm
CPU power cable length21 cm33.5 cm41 cm41 cm

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