Small Form Factor (SFX) PSU review: power supplies for small PCs

Four SFX PSUs for Mini-ITX systems


SilverStone SFX ST45SF 450W

The SilverStone SFX ST45SF 450W has a much higher capacity than the FSP and Seasonic power supplies. Capable of 450 watts it's great for a Mini ITX system with powerful processor and separate graphics card. It's also priced higher at £65. 

The power supply has a single 12V rail that can supply 36A. For 4 and 3.3 volts Silverstone specifies a maximum of 22 and 21 ampère. You get more connectors than with the other PSUs, two molex, three SATA and even two PEG connectors. It also has an 8-pin CPU plug. The PSU has an 80 Plus Bronze certificate which means it should have an efficiency of at least 85 percent. It comes in the colour grey instead of black, nice if you're a case modder.

SilverStone SFX ST45SF 450W

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