LG E93 monitor review: is wider better?

Does it provide a unique advantage, or is it more a gimmick?


LG 29EA93-P

The LG29EA93-P or EA93 in short is equipped with a latest-generation IPS panel from LG.Display, which we also encountered in the recently-reviewed IPS277L-BN. Various other brands also use panels of that generation, which are characterised by a very thin (a few millimetres) bezel on the sides and top. The edge on the bottom is a little wider. The monitors with such a thin bezel are described by the marketing people as edge-less monitors, but that's not entirely accurate. The panel runs all the way to the side, but the part of the screen that actually has an image stops less than a centimetre from the edge. Nonetheless, the screens with these panels look very sleek and stylish, we really like their design. The screen is mounted on a shiny silver-coloured base. Even though only two screws hold it in place, it's surprisingly sturdy.

The dimensions of this 29-inch screen are modest, comparatively speaking. The width is just below 70 cm, and with base the height is 38.7 cm. The screen itself is only 31.8 cm high. In comparison, the Dell UltraSharp 2709W is 63 cm wide, and 41.5 cm high. The EA93 is about 96 pixels per inch, compared to 84 ppi you get with 1920x1200 on a 27-inch screen.


Unlike the IPS277L-BN, the EA93 does have VESA mounting options. So if you want, you can put this panel on a height-adjustable base, or even two or three of them on a single base.

While LG doesn't include a height-adjustable base (Philips will have one model on the market early next year), it doesn't mean the EA93 falls short in terms of features. Far from, actually. The backside, which is white, has lots of connectors, many more than you typically see. These consist of DVI-D, DisplayPort and two HDMI ports. One of those is suitable for MHL connections with compatible smartphones and tablets.

LG also built-in a USB 3.0 hub, with three host ports. Also worth mentioning is the fact that LG not only includes a USB 3.0 cable, but also a quality dual-link DVI-D cable and an MHL cable. These cables aren't cheap to buy separately, so it's definitely a nice bonus. An external power supply completes the package.

LG 29EA93-P

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LG 29EA93-P

29 inch, 2560x1080, 96 ppi, AH-IPS, DVI input, HDMI input, DisplayPort input, 5 ms, 300 cd/m², 1000 : 1

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