Radeon HD 7970 and GeForce GTX 680 tested with 10 CPUs

How good does you processor need to be for high-end graphics cards?


3DMark 11

3DMark 11 likely gives somewhat of skewed impression, and that's because this benchmark is intended to scale with both GPU and CPU performance, not just GPU performance.

Both high-end cards are able to achieve a Performance score of around 10,000 points, but as you can see you need an Intel Core i7 for that to happen. With an Intel Core i5 3570K or AMD FX-6300 you get close to that. With less powerful AMD and Intel processors the scores end up around 7,000 points. 

With Extreme settings we see a similar picture. You need a Core i7 to get the top score, but even with an Intel Pentium there's only a 10-percent performance drop. Here the CPU forms a pretty limited bottleneck.

3DMark 11 Performance

3DMark 11 Extreme

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