Lian Li PC-7H review: cool aluminium chassis

Compact chassis with excellent cooling performance



Lian Li is a respected name in the computer chassis market. This manufacturer has been making aluminium chassis for a number of years, when most manufacturers have been using steel and plastic. That design choice has made the Lian Li chassis quite recognisable in terms of looks, with a low weight and usually also a hefty price tag. Hardware.Info reviewed the Lian Li PC-7H, which is available for around £90 and quite cheap in Lian Li terms. This price segment has a lot of competition, so we picked out a number of chassis to compare it to.

The Lian Li PC-7H comes in three versions. The -7A is white, the -7B is black and the -7X is the one we tested, and is black inside and outside. The other two are just bare aluminium.

Lian Li PC-7HX


The -7H has modest dimensions of 47 cm x 21 cm x 50 cm, with a volume of about 50 dm³. Several of the models we compare the Lian Li chassis to are larger. The PC-7H is about as large as the Corsair Carbide 300R. As you will be able to read in a bit, this isn't the only similarity between these two chassis. An important difference is the price, however. The 300R is available for about £68, while the PC-7H costs around £90.


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Lian Li PC-7H Black

Tower, ATX, Black


Lian Li PC-7H White

Tower, ATX, Silver


Lian Li PC-7HX

Tower, ATX, Black/Grey, 3 fans

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