Nokia Lumia 920 versus HTC 8X: Windows Phone 8 showdown

The first two high-end Windows Phone 8 models from HTC en Nokia


Nokia PureMotion HD+

On the Lumia 920 Nokia implemented something called ‘PureMotion HD+’ technology, and claims that by using overdrive the display is significantly faster than current smartphone screens. Overdrive is used on LCD monitors and TVs, and can help improve response times with minor colour transitions. Overdrive does not have any effect when the screen transitions from all black to all white, from from black to 100 percent of a colour. You therefore don't see a noticeable difference between the two phones when you're scrolling through the interface of Windows Phone 8. Both phones do this well, even if they also suffer from slight ghosting.

Nokia Lumia 920 Red

When we look at websites with slight colour transitions and photos, the image on the Lumia 920 does stay sharper with scrolling and has less ghosting than the HTC 8X. Videos and games also look somewhat better on the Lumia 920, but the differences are minor. This doesn't mean that Nokia's overdrive technology doesn't work well, it just means that HTC also created a very good display.


Nokia definitely is one step ahead with the Lumia 920 in one department, and that's the fact that you can operate the touchscreen even with gloves on, or by using your nail. Thanks to the 'Clearpad 3' touchscreen technology you can at least pick up phone calls when it's freezing out without first having to take pff your gloves. You probably won't be able to type a perfect text message, but it's useful nonetheless. Ladies with long nails will be equally pleased.

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