Nokia Lumia 920 versus HTC 8X: Windows Phone 8 showdown

The first two high-end Windows Phone 8 models from HTC en Nokia


Buttons, connectors and weight

Nokia fortunately chose to put the micro-USB connector on the bottom of the phone. HTC also did this, but here the connector is turned 180 degrees. This seems to disprove the rumour that Microsoft was forcing manufacturers to put the USB port in the centre bottom of phones in order to make universal docks easier to constructs. That, or one of these phones will be facing the wrong way in the dock.

Both companies also left the left side unused, and put the 3.5 mm audio jack on top of the phone. HTC also put the power button here, but on Nokia's phone it's on the right side of the phone.

Nokia Lumia 920 Red

The right side of both phones feature volume buttons and the requisite photo shutter release. Pressing the latter starts up the camera app, and of course takes pictures. It's a two-stage button on both phones. Half-pressing it lets the camera focus and set the appropriate lighting, pressing all the way takes the photo.


The Nokia Lumia 920 is quite heavy at 186 grams, which is even more than what Samsung’s Galaxy Note II weighs, and that phone is significantly larger. The somewhat smaller HTC 8X has a more typical weight with its 128 grams. It's unclear where Nokia's extra girth comes from, since the slightly larger battery only accounts for part of it. Perhaps it's the body and the display Nokia used.

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