Mega monitor round-up: 22 23-inch & 24-inch monitors tested

Never before was there this much variety and quality



The monitor will always remain the main focal point of a PC, no matter if you're a casual user, die-hard overclocker or hardware enthusiast. It's the component you will be staring at the most. The market for computer screens became quite rich in 2012, with lots of different options for consumers. Hardware.Info therefore picked out 22 monitors from the past year, in order to get a good picture of what's out there among 23-inch and 24-inch models.

For many years monitors were getting cheaper and cheaper, a trend that reached its apex some time in 2011. At that time, manufacturers began looking at other ways for attracting customers. New factories for e-IPS and A-MVA panels brought about a price drop of more advanced display technologies that previously had been exclusive for the most expensive high-end models. The market has therefore much more variety to it than a couple years ago. Still, prices remain very low, which means that the quality won't always be great. But there are many great monitors out there as well that are quite affordable, and still include some nice features.

Computer monitors have an increasing number of standard features such as a high-adjustable base and a screen you can tilt, swivel and pivot. You often see USB hubs and multiple connectors. All of these are very positive developments. Particularly the ergonomic aspect is very welcome.

We asked every manufacturer of computer monitors to send us two different screens, one with a TN (twisted nematic) panel and one that they would recommend for photo and video editing. In the end we received 22 models, that we put through our standard monitor tests.

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