24 two-bay NAS device group test

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Consumers have more choice than ever when it comes to two-disk NAS devices. Prices are all over the place, and the features range from very basic to impressively advanced and comprehensive. Hardware.Info tested 24 different NAS devices in different price classes so you should be able to find one that exactly fits both your storage needs and your budget.

2-bay NAS vergelijkingstest

Which NAS is the best NAS device money can buy? Well, that is a question with many answers, because it not only depends on what you need it to do, but also what you can afford. That said, the best NAS is the 566 euro or £484 QNAP TS-269 Pro. If that's outside of your budget this year, don't worry, there are plenty more really good NAS devices for more affordable prices, so we have more nuanced answers as well if you read on.

QNAP TS-269 Pro

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