Western Digital My Passport Edge 500GB review: external USB 3.0 hard disk

With automatic Windows 8 app



The arrival of Windows 8 is bringing all kinds of special Windows 8 products out of the woodworks, even hard drives. One of these is the Western Digital My Passport Edge, a 500 GB external hard disk with dedicated Windows 8 features.

Western Digital My Passport Edge 500GB (USB 3.0)

The WD My Passport Edge comes in one size and one colour, and that's 500 GB in silver grey with black sides. It's nicely designed and failry small, measuring 8.2 cm x 11.1 cm x 1.23 cm (including the legs) and weighing 136 grams. That's small enough to fit in your inside pocket. The included cable is a bit on the short side, not even measuring 50 cm.

Western Digital My Passport Edge 500GB (USB 3.0)

If your computer has USB 3.0, the disk can achieve read and write speeds of more than 80 MB/s. If you're limited to USB 2.0, then the maximum is around 30 MB/s. You can see all of the test results by clicking on this link. Here you can see that the performance of the My Passport Edge is reasonable, but that there are faster external hard disks as well.

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Western Digital My Passport Edge 500GB (USB 3.0)

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