Samsung SSD 840 / 840 Pro review: every model tested

Samsung 840 120GB/250GB/500GB and 840 Pro 128GB/256GB/512GB



We were very impressed by the Samsung 840 Pro when it came out late September. It was the fastest at the time, but OCZ has caught up already with the Vector SSD. The other capacities of the 840 Pro are equally outstanding in terms of performance, all at the top of their class.

Wit the 840 we are more reserved. Particularly the write speeds of these SSDs are limited, which does affect real-life performance. It turns out this differs depending on the storage capacity. We would not recommend the 120 GB, but the 250 GB is better and the 500 GB model is the best out of the three. Theses SSDs are more interesting because of their affordable price, which will likely go down even more thanks to the use of TLC memory. If you will use your SSD intensively, then we recommend getting another model. The Samsung 840 Pro earns the Gold Award.

Samsung 840 Pro 128GB
Samsung 840 Pro 256GB
Samsung 840 Pro 512GB

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