ASUS ROG Tytan CG8890: a beast of a system

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Asus U9N Mechanical keyboard

The U9N mechanical keyboard that ASUS includes with this system has the same design as Qpad's mechanical keyboards. Both manufacturers likely get their keyboards fromĀ iOne. The ASUS model does not come with any backlighting, USB or audio ports. The mechanical keyboard has black Cherry MX switches, and the top of the chassis is covered in soft-touch plastic. The keys themselves are covered in rougher-feeling plastic. The front has a removable wrist support, and there are feet at the back for raising the keyboard slightly.

ASUS RoG Tytan CG8890 Gaming Desktop

The keyboard has the US International lay-out, except that the left shift is smaller to make room for an extra key. The Windows key features the new Windows logo. The right one has been been replaced by a Function key, for various media functions in combination with the F1 to F6 kays. Instead of the now-traditional USB plug, this keyboard features a PS/2 connector. This supports many more simultaneous keystrokes than USB, even if modern USB keyboards can also handle enough keystrokes. An USB adapter is also included. The keyboard types nicely, and the wrist support adds comfort.

ASUS RoG Tytan CG8890 Gaming Desktop

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Asus RoG Tytan CG8890 Gaming Desktop

Desktop, Intel Core i7 3960X, 16 GB, Nvidia GeForce GTX 690, 2256 GB, Microsoft Windows 8

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