ASUS ROG Tytan CG8890: a beast of a system

Imposing, powerful and expensive



ASUS went all-out with the ROG Tytan CG8890. Its imposing look matches the impressive hardware inside, and the same can probably be said for the £3,650 price tag. While the finish isn't perfect everywhere, ASUS sure knows how to assemble a system. It's not every day that you in one chassis see a Rampage IV Formula motherboard, an Intel Core i7 3960X processor and an Nvidia GeForce GTX690 graphics card. ASUS is clearly making a statement with this desktop system, even if the price tag does call for a little more attention to detail.

ASUS RoG Tytan CG8890 Gaming Desktop

It's a shame that ASUS opted for the slow U100 SSDs from Sandisk (like it did in Zenbook Ultrabooks), which even in RAID0 aren't very impressive. A better mouse could also have been included with the Tytan.

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Asus RoG Tytan CG8890 Gaming Desktop

Desktop, Intel Core i7 3960X, 16 GB, Nvidia GeForce GTX 690, 2256 GB, Microsoft Windows 8

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