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Keyboards remain a tough issue. Not from the point of view of the person using their laptop or desktop, but more from a design standpoint, for things like smartphone and tablets. No matter how you look at it, the keyboard is still unbeaten when it comes to quickly entering text. It's also a fact that the traditional keyboard takes up a lot of space, especially if you want a comfortable working environment. Celluon thinks it has come up with the perfect solution with the Magic Cube. This little device projects a full-sized keyboard onto any opaque surface. Hardware.Info tested it. Can you really type in the air?

The Magic Cube from Celluon is a rectangular little box with rounded edges, and actually a cuboid and not a cube. It's quite compact, measuring 7.6 cm x 3.9 cm x 3 cm. The Magic Cube has a very nice transparent, plastic box, in a style that resembles Apple and more recently some Logitech products. This deluxe look is also reflected by the price, because £107 is a lot for a keyboard. However, similar products used to cost much more. It's not that extreme either compared to other high-end accessories. A standard Bluetooth keyboard will also cost you around £45, and mechanical keyboards can cost almost as much as this Magic Cube. On the other hand, you pay the extra money for such keyboard to get a better typing experience, and it's questionable whether that will be the case here. Then again, the Magic Cube is very portable, which can't be said of the other keyboards.

If we compared the typing experience to that of a traditional keyboard, the verdict would obviously be in favour of the latter. Instead we compared to onscreen touch keyboards on various mobile devices.

Celluon Magic Cube

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Celluon Magic Cube

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