Logitech Harmony Touch review: universal touch remote

A compact, universal touchscreen remote



For some time now Logitech has been one of the major players when it comes to universal remotes. With the new Harmony Touch the company is taking advantage even more of touch functionality. Hardware.Info tested it to find out how good it is.

Logitech sees the Harmony Touch as the follow-up to the Harmony One, but there are clear differences. The Harmony Touch is much smaller and practical than the One, which functioned great but was a bit large. Logitech was able to make the Touch so small due to clever use of the touch screen. Physical number buttons are no longer present, you use the touch screen for that. The screen itself is of reasonable quality. It's a TN panel, which means it won't always look good from the sides. It does respond very quickly and accurately.

Logitech Harmony Touch

At the top of the Touch there is an off-switch (not an on/off switch) and there is a Playback button. Above the screen there are two capacitive buttons for operating the touchscreen. Below the display there are buttons for navigating the menus, a Mute button, three buttons for use with a settop box (DVR, Guide, Info) and the four colour buttons. The remote fits pretty nicely in your hand.

The Touch has a rechargable battery internally. Logitech includes a cradle that the Touch calls home.

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Logitech Harmony Touch



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